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How Often Should Restaurants Grease Traps Be Cleaned

If you own a restaurant or commercial kitchen, it's likely that you are familiar with your grease trap and the basics of how it functions. Actually, local health and safety regulations in your province mandate that commercial kitchens have processes in effect to...

Alternative Uses For Cooking Oil

At A Cambie, we spend a lot of time cleaning away grease left behind by restaurants, so we're pretty familiar with cooking oils. These scientists in Ghana, however, are surprising us with their study of vegetable oils and their potential uses for treating diabetes.

Your Vents Need Loving Too

So you’ve noticed that the vents in your restaurant kitchen are looking a bit greasy. That vent that you turn on whenever you’re cooking up a mouth-watering masterpiece of a meal for your customers, picking up steam, grease, and smells to keep the rest of your kitchen...

Grease Belongs in the Trash, Not the Drain

At A Cambie Grease Cleaning, we understand the effects that grease and oils can have if they're not disposed of correctly. This article describes the effects of grease if disposed of incorrectly.

Maintaining Your Grease Traps

Oil pollution can have devastating impacts on the environment if left unchecked. We can do our part in keeping our environment healthy by making sure that the fat, grease, and oils used up in our restaurants are captured by our grease traps. However, once it fills it,...

Grease Trap Waste

Grease traps are a vital part of restaurants in collecting fat, grease, and oils so that they can be properly disposed of. It may not be the most pleasant thing, but it is important to our environment. Read about the different types of grease wastes here.

Making Sure Your Traps are Clean

After a long and cold Winter in Richmond, it’s easy to forget to maintain the essential devices that keep your restaurant working. Likely, your grease traps have been pulling their weight and working overtime for the past season, collecting all the fats, oils, and...

Missed Dine Out? Treat yourself anyways

Dine Out is the best opportunities to try new restaurants around Vancouver. From franchises to fine-dining, A Cambie cleans grease traps for a lot of places around the city. Check out some of the Dine Out highlights here.

Winter Blunderland: Did you clean your grease trap this month?

Winter is still here in full force. Burnaby had a tough time recovering. SFU, BCIT, and Douglas College were all closed. How did you fair? Is your back still sore from shoveling the sidewalk? Did you survive the long and dangerous commutes? The best place to...

Happy Lunar Year!

A Cambie joins with Prime Minister Trudeau in wishing everyone a happy Lunar New Year. Check out how the Prime Minister celebrated in Vancouver.